Cockroach in My Room Can’t Sleep | What Should I Do

Cockroach in My Room Can’t Sleep | What Should I Do

Cockroaches may be a nuisance. Nothing, however, is worse than cockroaches crawling all over you or your bed and disturbing your sleep. Anyone’s skin would crawl at the mere thought of these monsters scurrying and crawling over their bed. Because they like dark locations, there is a significant chance that additional roaches are hiding if you see one in or near where you sleep.

Can I go to bed in my room with a cockroach? The cockroach in my room can’t sleep. Although they don’t bite, cockroaches have the power to make you feel the most dread or disgust. Additionally, if you breathe in their skin or excrement, they can cause allergic reactions and even asthma.

Although roaches are prevalent, they are drawn to unsanitary environments and can thrive in filthy kitchens and restrooms. You would still need to take the same steps if you wanted to keep them out of your bedroom or any other room in your house. 

Some of these include avoiding food and moisture in your bedroom, clearing the area of clutter, emptying your trash frequently, replacing leaking faucets, and caulking all entrances to the outside, particularly windows and doors. All the more incentive to learn how to keep them out of your bedroom while you sleep.

Why are there cockroaches in my room?

Cockroaches are drawn to unclean spaces if you know anything about them. Cockroaches are everywhere when dishes or trash build up because they are eager to take some crumbs and have a feast.

The crumbs, liquids, and sticky items generally found in the kitchen are not present in your bedroom.

The cockroach in my room can’t sleep! Why do cockroaches enter there, then? They’ve found their way into your house and are looking for food and water, which is one of the main causes.

They will only leave the kitchen if they’re looking for more; thus, that might be the reason. Another explanation is that there might be wetness or crumbs present.

We understand that you might be asking, what? Inside my room? Cockroaches’ two main aims in life are to live and reproduce.

They use their long-range sense of smell to locate food and water, which is one of their survival strategies. There can be extra water in your tub or another location in your room, which might attract their attention.

What Causes Cockroaches

The cockroach in my room can’t sleep! No matter what kind of common bug you have in your home—ants, termites, rodents, or cockroaches—they are all searching for food and water. So it stands to reason that even the cleanest dwellings contain a small number of roaches.

The top priorities for the cockroach in your home are listed below as well:

  • Dirty dishes in the sink or on the counters.
  • On the carpet, on the furniture, or on the surfaces.
  • Garbage.
  • On the ground is pet food.
  • Food leftovers in cans or containers.
  • Puddles, birdbaths, and flowerpots in your yard are areas with standing water.

Finally, humid weather attracts cockroaches. They enjoy the extra wetness that summers in Bethesda offer. Additionally, you’re more likely to see a cockroach sometimes if your bathrooms, kitchen, or laundry room have leaky pipes and faucets.

Cockroach in My Room Can’t Sleep

What Is the Source of Roaches in a Clean House?

In addition to contaminating our food with their waste, roaches have been linked to allergies, asthma, and eczema in certain individuals. The cockroach in my room can’t sleep. Naturally, they are also able to spread a variety of deadly diseases. Cockroaches, however, can enter even the cleanest of homes. Why? What interests them?


Cockroaches infiltrate our houses for the most potent reason: readily available food. These insects don’t have particular food preferences; they’ll be lured to practically anything left out on your kitchen surfaces. Because of this, storing all food in locations that roaches can’t access or smell is one of the best defences against them in your home.

Of course, even doing this won’t guarantee that cockroaches won’t come because their nutrition differs greatly from ours. In addition to eating conventional food, roaches frequently consume paper, books, cardboard, and even wood from everyday household items. As a result, clearing out clutter is essential to make your home less inviting to cockroaches.


You might believe your home is finally free of cockroach infestations after storing all food in the refrigerator or sealed containers, washing all kitchen countertops, and disinfecting all kitchen floors. You might also believe that roaches hiding out will soon die or leave.

But that’s not the case, regrettably.

Without nourishment, cockroaches can live for days or even weeks. O my God, cockroach in my room can’t sleep! They spend this time hiding in well-protected, dark, damp, and dirty areas of your home. In other words, even if food is out of their reach, you could still discover roaches darting around in the garage, basement, garbage bin locations, and generally any other concealed regions of the house.

Roaches rely more on water than food, which may surprise you. A cockroach can only survive for one week without water, which is why these pests enter our homes and are frequently found in restrooms.


Cockroaches rarely travel in clothing or furniture, unlike bed bugs. That said, if cockroaches are found to be living in cardboard boxes or gadgets like toasters, microwaves, computers, and video game consoles, a homeowner may unintentionally bring them inside. This is especially true if the questioned things were used or were kept in a location like a garage or a basement.


Many homeowners with roach problems inside don’t think about roaches coming in from the outside. These creatures can find the perfect nesting site in your yard’s shady, warm corners. Roaches may be drawn to your yard and find it easier to enter your house in areas with dense vegetation, near a compost bin, and close to leaking outdoor faucets.

In the end, The cockroach in my room can’t sleep; there are a variety of causes and routes by which cockroaches could enter your house. The question “Why” is significant, but it’s not the only one you may ask.

Can you sleep with a cockroach in the room?

Cockroach infestations are not to be taken lightly. Cockroaches, regrettably, are the scourge of some people’s existence.

One of my buddies used to see cockroaches in his dreams because he was terrified of bugs. However, only some people experience this. How can you expect a man who enjoys eating cockroaches to be alarmed by roaches in his bedroom?

In other words, whether you can sleep soundly knowing there is a cockroach somewhere in the room depends on your personality.

A cockroach cannot get you sick in just one night. Try to get a good night’s sleep, and the next day, get the best insecticides and traps right away to get rid of that Moth***ucker cockroach.

Why do cockroaches invade your home?

Additionally, it’s crucial to bear in mind the factors that encourage cockroaches to flourish in any setting. These factors are

  1. The Presence of food – This is most likely the major cause of the cockroaches in your home. Any room near the kitchen has a higher population of roaches per square meter. Similarly, leaving food scraps about any room makes it more likely that roaches may settle in your home. Cockroaches will consume anything they come across and are never picky eaters. 
  1. Moisture and darkness- Besides detesting light, cockroaches dislike being observed by people. They frequently remain concealed in shadowy areas where they graze on your food scraps or pieces of cardboard, wood, or newspaper. The cockroach in my room can’t sleep. Roaches also enjoy wetness and depend more on wathe her than survival food. They might be discovered under kitchen sinks or bathroom mats. Therefore, you must ensure that your home is completely dry to stop these bothersome creatures from settling there.
  1. Infested with cockroaches- Have you ever relocated and questioned why you brought every bug from your previous residence? The cockroach in my room can’t sleep? Cockroaches, conversely, are in old cardboard boxes and obsolete household items like televisions, microwaves, and toasters, especially if they were kept in the dark, concealed areas like basements and garages.

As often as possible, remove the clutter to evict the cockroaches and prevent them from feeling too at home in your house.

  1. Attractive outdoor setting- The Cockroach in my room can’t sleep. Most individuals can be unaware of cockroaches because the outside provides an ideal environment for roach reproduction. Compost bins, outdoor faucets that leak, densely vegetated locations, and other warm, damp spaces are all favourites of cockroaches. These areas are close to your house, which makes it quite simple for the creatures to get inside.

If you are certain that the roach issue was caused by the environment outside, make sure to address any leaks there and maintain a tidy yard. Because an untidy home is the one thing, a cockroach enjoys the most, empty compost bins when they are full.

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Cockroach in my room can’t sleep- Effective solution

Here are some helpful suggestions for avoiding nighttime cockroach disturbances:

Insect repellents- Roaches and other bugs are deterred from entering your home by pest repellents, which keep them outside. The most widely used repellents for pest management are electrical ones, which are completely harmless for humans and animals. They don’t scatter the remains of deceased cockroaches everywhere, and they repel all pests without your intervention.

Spray Cockroach Repellent – These are incredibly efficient, especially in your bedroom. In your room, spray wherever that’s dark and in a corner, paying extra attention to any potential access spots. Keep the windows closed to stop the wind from sweeping the spray outside. 

Keep in mind that for your health, you must spray and leave the room for a bit. This will eliminate any other bugs that may have been in the room and prevent cockroaches from crawling all over you at night.

Baits – You may buy many of these from online retailers to eliminate these bothersome bugs. Roaches are attracted to baits, so you can be sure the entire nest will be destroyed. Although most of these baits are safe for kids, parents should keep them out of reach. Due to their convenience, gel baits are becoming a popular choice. In your home, where there are many cockroaches, you only need to apply the gel to the crevices and borders of the walls.

Traps – The cockroach in my room can’t sleep! Quick action is required to solve the roach problem, and traps are ideal. However, utilizing these will be nasty because you will have a lot of dead bodies to remove the next day if any cockroaches are killed. The majority of individuals prefer gel baits to traps for this reason.

Aromatic oils- Concentrated hydrophobic liquids, essential oils, comprise dangerous chemical components found in plants. Cinnamon oil, eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil, and lavender oil, among others. Since cockroaches detest their smell, essential oils not only deter roaches from your bed but also calm you while you sleep and create an atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation. They are safe to be near youngsters and have no offensive odour.

Additionally, they might assist in calming hyperactive children and putting them right to sleep. All you have to do is combine your preferred essential oil with water at a ratio of 1:10. Spray it liberally across the sleeping area.

Clean sinks- Avoid leaving water traces around the bathroom sink or bathtub. They are drawn to wetness and dampness.

Maintain sealed bags – Zip up your suitcase and backpack. If roaches can access bags and suitcases, where they adore the cold, dark spaces, they will seize the chance.

Cockroach in My Room Can’t Sleep

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do cockroaches scurry inside your mouth when you sleep?

The cockroach in my room can’t sleep! Cockroaches don’t enter your mouth while you sleep because they can tell a human from an animal by the dark, moist environment, and they are as scared of entering your mouth as you are of them.

Even if they are out at night, cockroaches tend to stay away from people, so even if one accidentally fell on you, it would go as soon as you moved, and it wouldn’t return once it realized where you were.

How can roaches be removed overnight?

Get some duct tape, place some sticky sides on top, and stick it all over the house to get rid of cockroaches overnight.

This is one of the most effective home treatments for cockroaches, and it will almost instantly get rid of them. At the very least, it can show you where most of them are.

Do roaches hide in beds?

No, unless your mattress is moist, old, and full of holes, and you haven’t slept on it in a long, cockroaches won’t hide in a mattress.

Because cockroaches are intelligent enough to recognize places where they would be disturbed, they won’t hide in a mattress if it is used every day and the bed is turned down frequently.

Where do cockroaches spend the night?

Cockroaches often emerge from small crevices at night, though occasionally, they may do so to find food or mate.

Because they are nocturnal, cockroaches may spend the day hiding in dark, secure areas throughout your home.

What phobias do cockroaches have?

Citrus terrifies cockroaches, so if you’re afraid of them, keep the scent of fresh citrus around, and they’ll probably stay away from you as much as possible.

This is a major factor in the market’s abundance of citrus-scented cleansers, which aim to ward off cockroaches.

Final Thoughts

The cockroach in my room can’t sleep..! Do you need a solution? As a temporary solution, you can use a surface spray to spray the floor around your bed and along all the boards and doors in your room if your bed is on the ground and there are roaches on the ground. You’ll need to hire a qualified pest control expert to come to your house and eradicate the cockroach problem.

Cockroaches detest light and make every effort to avoid it. Cockroaches will still move around your room for food, shelter, and moisture, even if the lights are on. Additionally, having these lights on in your room at night may prevent you from sleeping, so you should take other precautions like maintaining a clean environment, installing traps and deterrents at potential entrances, and capping openings.

Finally, even though cockroaches hardly ever conceal themselves within mattresses, it is crucial to inspect underneath beds and clean the region to keep them from setting up residence there.

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