How to Ruin Someone's Life

How to Ruin Someone’s Life | Tips & Tricks

Have you experienced severe hurt from someone? Right now, you’re considering paying the person back by legally making their life miserable.

Indeed, there are moments when it is wiser to let go and move on. Whatever someone has done to you, you must forgive them and get past it.

However, consider acting legally if you believe that getting even might hasten your recovery.

You would have a chance to live your life in peace if you carried out such actions legally. You include the government when you do it legally. As a result, the government now has to deal with your problem.

The wisest course of action is still to forgive. The problem ends naturally when you move past an offender and forgive them. You won’t be causing the relationship between you and the other person to become more strained.

But if you decide to ruin their life, you might never be friends with them again if the truth comes out.

Okay, so if you’ve considered your alternatives and decide you still want to use the law to make someone’s life miserable, here are some quick methods to do it.

How to Ruin Someone’s Life

Life is like building and maintaining a house. Many truths are attempted to be avoided, and many go on to damage their good fortune without even realizing it. You don’t have to make such bad decisions. Recognizing the harm you are now causing yourself and taking action to repair it is the first step toward being successful and happy.

Now I will discuss how to ruin someone’s life-

  • Act intimately

If you don’t know the Bitch well, get to know her. Start out as acquaintances and work your way up to become best friends, fuck buddies, or lovers. Don’t tell anyone about your evil plans, if at all possible. You want the Bitch to believe as much as she can that you two are close friends or in a committed relationship. But don’t be a fool and fall for the trick yourself, just like in the old-school spy movie twist where the lady has an affair with her target and ruins the mission. Avoid doing that.

  • Start your reconnaissance

The most important stage in the strategy is this one because Step 3 will be very challenging to carry out without precise knowledge. Fortunately, public data search engines make it simple to learn a lot about someone by using just their name or phone number.

Start gathering information first because all of these websites will provide you with a ton of insider information to use:

  • Do a background investigation on them.
  • Find out their current address and phone number.
  • Search their database of public records.
  • Look up their criminal history.
  • Identify their social media profiles and images.

Google the Bitch’s name, Twitter or Instagram handle, or email address to find out more information, shady connections (like a profile on, images, and anything else that might be useful in the future.

You can look for the Bitch’s name on the website of your neighborhood sheriff’s office to find arrest and jail records. You may see all the information, including the date and time of the arrest as well as any prior offenses if they have ever been booked by that county. The majority of folks don’t have any arrests to hide, so if they do, you’ve struck gold.

  • Carry out vengeance

On to the enjoyable part. You may experience an overwhelming urge to laugh maniacally and sarcastically. MUHAHAHA.

Here are some suggestions on how to ruin someone, but be inventive! Extra points for creativity! You’ll need to open a different email account that is unrelated to you to implement some of these suggestions. Utilize a VPN for anonymous browsing, or at the very least, use a public access computer, if you’re extremely paranoid or doing something that can be considered a breach of privacy (such as publishing nude photos without permission to post them). This will prevent your IP address from being linked to you.

  1. Create a Facebook account and set the profile image to an explicit photo of the Bitch before inviting all of their friends.
  2. Post a weirdly kinky adult hookup/dating ad to get the Bitch a continuous stream of vibrant calls, texts, and messages from pleasant locals seeking to have fun. Although you cannot impersonate somebody by using their name or contact information on the actual posting, you must be careful with this one.
  3. On days you know the Bitch has off work and will be home, call an adult escort service (search for one in your area if necessary) and schedule an appointment for an escort or stripper to visit their house at ridiculous hours of the morning or night.
  4. Change the Bitch’s voicemail greeting to something offensive, such as a tape of a phone sex operator, if you have access to it.
  5. Ask for Church of Scientology literature, sex products catalogs, or condoms to be sent to their address in the Bitch’s name if they share a mailbox.
  6. Change the password if you have access to their phone or account (such as iCloud, Google, or cell service), then raise their phone bill by adding other services.
  7. The next time a police officer sees the Bitch driving about, report their car as stolen to ensure they are stopped (have the license plate and vehicle description ready).
  8. Use the Bitch’s email address to sign up for spam and porn emails.
  9. If you can locate their mailing address or email address, send the Bitch’s parents or other family members dirt (photos, an arrest record, etc.).
  10. Pretend to be a client at the Bitch’s place of business, then voice your grievances either directly to the manager or in writing.
  11. Use the Bitch’s personal information to apply for a cash loan so they rack up debt and damage their credit.
  • keep your anonymity

The Bitch will probably get in touch with you in a few days (or hours), politely asking that you stop torturing her. You might be tempted to respond with a witty rejoinder along the lines of, “You had it coming,” but resist the urge. Whatever you do, avoid saying anything that your adversary might interpret as an admission of guilt. I have no idea what you’re talking about is the best answer. Conversation over. Watch as the Bitch writhes in pain and embarrassment after that.

  • Move on

Keep your life’s quality intact and don’t let the Bitch’s memories cloud it. Once you’ve completed the aforementioned steps, let it go and get on with your life. Whatever the Bitch is, seeing that you have moved on and achieved success in your career, relationship, studies, or new acquaintances will hurt them more than anything else. Retribution is a dish that is best served cold, as the old saying goes.

If the Bitch was a former friend of yours, keep them out of group activities or avoid making eye contact with them when you’re out with your buddies. Go on dates with other people in extremely public settings if the Bitch was an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, or brag to your friends about how much better your new partner or special someone is in bed than the previous one. Who were they, exactly?

Generally speaking, it’s best to just play nice, but when someone fucks you over, being a wimp who stays at home and sobs about it is the most pitiful thing you can do. Take no prisoners, but also refrain from starting World War III for no reason. I’ve always been a proponent of nonviolent protest, but I will say this: sometimes the best response is to simply shout, “Fuck you, cunnilingus mother fucking dickhole,” and walk away.

Now, let’s say you’ve either finished the procedures above and decided they simply aren’t enough to sate your want for vengeance or you are aware that you are the kind of person who will not find joy in publically humiliating someone to exact revenge.

My friend, you might have to go public with this retaliation.

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How to Ruin Someone's Life

How to Ruin Someone’s Life Legally

If you want to heal faster, consider filing a lawsuit for retribution. If you committed such acts lawfully, you would have the opportunity to spend your life in peace. When you act legitimately, the government is also involved. As a result, the government is now responsible for solving your issue.

Here are the various legal methods you can make someone’s life a misery.

  • Visit the person’s office regularly

Make an act when you visit someone at work to make their lives miserable. When you get there, ask to meet them in person. You can even say that you’re their brother. And when you do finally meet them, be prepared to perform well.

Don’t be quiet during the chat. Raise your voice to draw the other office workers’ attention. Furthermore, you can openly criticize the person’s actions in front of the entire staff.

Don’t accept the person’s apology or efforts to get you to speak quietly. In order to get people’s attention, raise your voice.

Finally, share another profound secret about the person as you leave the office. If you know anything about the person’s secret life, you can even bring up how poorly he or she treats their children and other things.

A Word of Advice: Make definite plans to stop by the office once a month or once a week. However, if you see that they have already detected you, go to plan B. Getting someone to take your place is the backup plan. And just like you, they ought to be prepared to put on a show.

  • Inform the police about the incident

Never, ever take matters into your own hands, please. Inform the police if you think your rights have been infringed.

Avoid provoking somebody physically. You would be doing something really wrong if you did it. Report the incident to the police instead. However, you should attempt to obtain some evidence before moving further with that. That will allow you to lock the person up for a very long time.

You can have the confession recorded if you need more proof. Obtain their admission to the offense they committed. You can use your smartphone to capture their confession, but make sure they aren’t made aware of it. Someone won’t admit anything that will implicate them if they are aware that you are trying to get a confession from them.

Never hesitate to call the police if there has been an assault or rape. You ought to be approachable. Inform your nearby neighbors of your situation. Why? When the case is heard in court, they might serve as your witnesses.

A Word of Advice: You shouldn’t have to frame someone in order to have your vengeance. You will be the one to regret it if you do. Let it be lawful if you wish to punish someone. Your retribution must also make sense. And it shouldn’t hurt you in any way.

  • Inform the authorities of the person’s criminal actions

Nothing makes someone’s life more miserable than locking them up in jail or prison. So, report someone’s illegal activity to the police if you want to make their life miserable.

How do you discover someone’s unlawful behavior now? You must be friendly with the individual. But if you can’t get close to them, cultivate a strong bond with someone who can.

If you and your target are getting along well, you should begin a covert investigation. Once you have sufficient proof to convict them, call the police to conduct a raid.

It’s possible that the individual distributes narcotics, operates an illicit cannabis farm in their backyard, or engages in a variety of other unlawful activities.

A Word of Advice: Make sure you have a solid plan to hide your tracks if you intend to denounce a dangerous gang. You could get into a lot of trouble if they find out that you tipped them off.

  • Harass them by continually criticizing them

You are mistaken if you believe that words have no impact or power over other people. Your words can either uplift or bring down other individuals. As a result, avoid making light of what you say. They are strong and capable of taking out anyone.

Here’s how this one works now. Make criticizing the person a habit if you want to make their life miserable. Give them a call, text, email, and some gift cards.

Inform the person how awful they are when you call. If you did the same in the gift card and when you text, it would be beneficial.

Get hold of facts about the person’s past, though, to liven things up and make sure it makes a bigger impact. They ought to feel pain anytime they think about it.

Be the one to bring up their dismal past and how useless and wretched they are on Earth. You must think of phrases that you know will demoralize the subject mentally.

Additionally, you can assemble a group of buddies to phone at various times to make the person’s life even worse. Please don’t attempt it by yourself as they might block your calls and texts.

It is impossible to continue doing this for a month or more without making someone’s life miserable. Even the neighbors can become involved, making it impossible for the target to live in peace.

A Word of Advice: By contacting and texting the person at odd hours, you can increase their suffering. But there shouldn’t be any threats, please. Additionally, carry it out during strange hours of the night. You can be sure that if they don’t get enough sleep for a month or two, their life will become terrible.

You can also get in touch with the person’s neighbors, coworkers, and family members. Tell them what an awful person they are.

  • Post the person’s phone number in a variety of online forums

Pasting someone’s phone number on different communities is a simple punishment. Then, even though the person is married, indicates that they are looking for a mate. But before you do this, please consider your options. Why? It may ruin a person’s marriage or romantic connection.

Don’t give such names to someone if all you want is for them to be unhappy and not divorced. Or, even better, mention that they need a nanny or housekeeper in your letter.

You can post the person’s information on Craigslist, Facebook, Quora, and other popular social media sites. All of their phone numbers should be published.

A Word of Advice: Remember to provide the person’s phone number and address in the various online communities. Don’t blow your cover, though, please. If not, they might come after you.

Making your platform descriptions seem genuine and persuasive might also be beneficial. Additionally, you can utilize various descriptions depending on the platform.

Mention that they are seeking a spouse in a different group, for instance, if you mentioned that they are looking for a nanny on Facebook.

  • Enroll the individual in free subscriptions

Get someone signed up for strange catalogs and embarrassing magazines if you want to ruin their life. Imagine receiving ten or more leaflets, brochures, or books covering various topics. Someone will undoubtedly become irate over it.

Additionally, it might make someone angry and miserable to get reading about subjects they dislike. Therefore, concentrate on completing that. Send religious literature, anti-drug literature, and other materials in droves to the person’s mailbox.

Receiving stuff you didn’t request can be stressful for everyone. If the person has a roommate, keep an eye on them because they might get into a fight shortly.

  • Have a virus attacked their device

Have you ever experienced malware on your computer or mobile device? Your gadget can start to malfunction as a result.

This is for someone who is tech skilled and can construct a virus to infect a target’s machine. If you’re not a techie, you can still receive assistance. For making one, they might only charge a little price.

Another approach to make someone’s life miserable is to infect their gadget with ransomware. In the absence of payment of the requested sum, they would not be able to see the document.

Additionally, if money is not an issue, you might ask for a larger charge than the client is able to afford.

Formatting a computer is the only method to free it from ransomware. But when you were finished, you would have deleted all of your documents.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it: how to ruin someone’s life. Legally refers to doing anything without violating any laws or running afoul of the law.

By signing someone up for a free subscription, you’re not breaching the law. The victim won’t even recognize you as the perpetrator, much less report you to the police.

But we would like to suggest that the best course of action is forgiveness. Find a way in your heart to forgive someone who has hurt you, and then go on. By attempting to make someone’s life unpleasant, you run the risk of emotionally harming yourself. Consider this.

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