How to Watch Channel 4 in The US

How to Watch Channel 4 in The US [Updated 2023]

Wondering, How to watch channel 4 in the US? Unfortunately, Channel 4 is only accessible in the UK, therefore you cannot. Only those who live nearby can watch it due to content geo-restrictions and UK copyright and distribution limitations. So how do Americans watch Channel 4? You will undoubtedly need a reliable VPN, that much is certain.

The Originals, Make me Prime Minister, Trainspotting, The Junior Bake Off, Derry Girls, and many other iconic British shows are available on Channel 4, commonly known as My4 or All 4, an OTT streaming service with a UK base.

Especially if you’re a cricket fan who has been looking forward to seeing the ICC T20 World Cup final ever since Sky Sports and All 4 teamed up and promised to stream it for free. So, to view the newest sports, movies, and shows on Channel 4 in the US, you’ll need a UK IP address, which you can obtain by using a high-end VPN service like ExpressVPN.

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How to Watch Channel 4 in The US

By connecting to a VPN server in the UK, you may circumvent the Channel 4 region limitation and watch Channel 4 from anywhere in the globe. Take the actions outlined below to accomplish this:

  • Join a VPN that has UK servers. We suggest NordVPN.
  • On the device of your choice, install the client.
  • Connect to a British server.
  • Watch Channel 4 outside of the UK at last!

Why a VPN Is Required to Watch Channel 4 in the USA

Any American who wants to view Channel 4 will need a VPN because doing so is illegal.

People outside of the UK, particularly those in the United States, cannot utilize Channel 4’s services without utilizing a device that can shift their IP location from their region to the UK.

Thus, the fundamental cause is evident. Let’s now get rid of a few more things. People may question why they need a VPN if a proxy server can do the same task.

A proxy can accomplish this, but it won’t provide you with the extra capabilities that a VPN gives. The major reason proxies are created is to alter the communication channel between a user and a website.

The speed of the streaming service could cause issues. If the user has access to a VPN connection, this issue can be resolved relatively quickly.

A proxy server or any other technique that can be used to shift the IP address and location to the UK is significantly worse for streaming than a VPN.

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How to Watch Channel 4 in The US

Benefits Of Using A VPN To Watch Channel 4 In The USA

You read about why we need it in the previous section, and now this is the justification for why users will profit more from a VPN than from any other method. Let’s examine the advantages VPN users will experience:

  • Gives Effective Performance With Channel 4

Users desire a VPN that can deliver good performance for streaming and other internet tasks that demand a lot of data usage. Excellent performance indicates that the servers are both quick and reliable.

Due to their speed and stability, fast servers guarantee that consumers receive the best quality streaming services. These elements have a direct impact on how a user uses a VPN.

Some VPNs offer a large number of servers spread over numerous locations, and practically all of them are excellent. When a user selects one of the top VPNs to utilize with Channel 4, this is what transpires.

  • Lack of throttle

Throttling is one of the problems that the majority of streaming users encounter globally, but they are unsure of how to solve it.

When your network or streaming service limits the video quality or bandwidth available to you, consumers are unable to stream in the highest quality. This is known as throttling.

Network service companies expressly carry out this. Users are given modest speeds to prevent them from using anything to its full potential.

Using a VPN to change servers will make the user invisible to the throttling assault, which will address this issue quickly.

  • No geographic limitations

A VPN with Channel 4 could not be used without this benefit. Yes, consumers can access the VOD service in the USA or from anywhere in the globe simply because VPNs can bypass geo-restrictions.

The procedure for doing it, which is the same for all other parts of the world in addition to the USA, is described in a later portion of this page.

Geo-restriction is the limitation placed on content that only allows it to stream in a particular geographic area and prevents anyone outside of that area from accessing it without a VPN. Try Surfshark if you want to get a VPN specifically for unblocking geo-restricted content at a low cost.

  • Improved Privacy And Security

People are exposed to numerous dangers when they go online. These dangers may include invasions of their privacy, monitoring of their internet activities, or theft of other private information.

Users can protect themselves from several internet assaults and remain anonymous with a VPN. Because of their strength, even ISPs are unable to monitor what their customers do once they connect to a VPN server.

VPN companies implement numerous security measures, such as high-level encryption, to ensure the safety of all online activity.

They change the users’ original IP address to the IP address of the VPN server they are connected to via IP masking.

Every time a user connects again, even this IP changes. These are just a few of the characteristics; there are plenty more. They help you understand why VPNs are a practical and secure choice.

Overview of the top VPNs for watching Channel 4 in the US

  • NordVPN – The top VPN for Channel 4
  • Surfshark VPN – Countless connections to the Channel 4 VPN
  • Private VPN – Excellent VPN for Channel 4
  • IPVanish – Protection against viruses for Channel 4 VPN
  • Atlas VPN – Channel 4’s most affordable VPN

While compiling our list of the top VPNs for watching Channel 4 in the US, we looked at several different factors. A supplier with a substantial UK server list and as many local IP addresses as possible is the first thing you’ll need. Then, AES-256 encryption, leak prevention, and a kill switch are required to make sure that the platform cannot determine your precise location.

Choose streaming VPNs with the newest tunneling techniques if you want outstanding video quality. Broad device compatibility enables you to access Channel 4 on any system. Last but not least, if the whole family wants to view different things at once, numerous simultaneous connections are essential.

  1. NordVPN – The top VPN for Channel 4

There are over 5500 servers in 59+ countries, so finding the best connection won’t be a problem. The UK is not left out either; there are more than 440 servers that are acceptable for new users. It goes without saying that the NordLynx tunneling protocol is what generates the renowned speeds that ensure 4K streaming without latency.

With NordVPN, there won’t be any more “How to watch UK Channel 4 in the US” queries. It is just what you need for Channel 4 because it is equipped with robust security mechanisms and is completely capable of getting around even the strongest geo-blocks. Additionally, it is the quickest VPN, which makes video buffering obsolete.

Remember that there are more UK platforms you can explore besides Channel 4. Explore BBC iPlayer, and if that doesn’t quite satisfy your craving, check out the various collections of Netflix, Disney+, and other services. By allowing you to hide your IP address on devices that don’t naturally support VPNs, the SmartPlay function will make everything easier.

By using a NordVPN promo code, you can reduce the cost of this top-notch service with 6 simultaneous connections to just $2.99/month. Try out the 7-day no-risk trial edition or subscribe without risk with the 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Speeds fueled by NordLynx.
  • Devices for streaming SmartPlay.
  • Secure and independently audited.


  • No router application.
  1. Surfshark VPN – Countless connections to the Channel 4 VPN

Surfshark VPN is another reliable VPN for streaming Channel 4. It’s a fantastic combination of strong features designed to keep you safe whether you browse the internet at home or in public. Additionally, there is no device cap on any subscriptions, allowing you to easily secure all you require.

All of your content-unblocking demands will be easily met by 3200+ RAM-only servers in 100+ regions. There are several servers in Manchester, Edinburgh, London, and Glasgow alone in the UK. The WireGuard protocol also enables clear HD-quality viewing of videos. Additionally contributing to it is the Nexus SDN upgrade’s accelerated VPN traffic.

If your preferred streaming device doesn’t allow VPNs, don’t worry; Smart DNS will take care of that in a flash. Nothing prevents you from exploring various foreign libraries on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. after that is finished.

Use our Surfshark VPN discount to get a fantastic service for no more than $2.05/month. If it doesn’t work out, your purchase is protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee, but we have a good feeling you’ll love it. Just in case, you can always try out the 7-day free trial.


  • Endless connections
  • streaming devices with smart DNS.
  • WireGuard for lightning-fast speeds


  • Unchecked no-logs rule.
  1. Private VPN – Excellent VPN for Channel 4

PrivateVPN won’t leave you hanging when it comes to unblocking Channel 4 in the US and boasts an alluring price-to-feature ratio. Up to 10 devices can be secured by subscribers, more than enough for the entire home, and they also remain concealed from any prospective snoopers.

No one can tamper with the 200+ servers spread over 63+ countries because this VPN owns them all. Britain is not at all disregarded, and you can discover convenient servers in Manchester and London. Furthermore, the OpenVPN protocol and High-Quality Network, which were purchased directly from the provider, make superb video quality feasible.

By purchasing internet access directly from the provider, PrivateVPN guarantees that your favorite shows won’t experience buffering. So you’re always in for a treat whether it’s Channel 4 or other streaming services like NBC, Hulu, or HBO Max.

A superb Channel 4 VPN costs only $2.00 a month. Just remember to enter a PrivateVPN code before completing the transaction. Now, if you’re still undecided, benefit from the free trial period of seven days. Remember that your subscription is protected by the 30-day money-back guarantee as well.


  • Easy-to-use apps.
  • Unidentified payments.
  • Possesses all server equipment.


  • There are fewer features on Mac and iOS.
  1. IPVanish – Protection against viruses for Channel 4 VPN

With IPVanish, streaming Channel 4 on your preferred devices won’t be a problem thanks to the unlimited simultaneous connections. This supplier features real-time VIPRE Antivirus protection in addition to the basic tools provided with many premium services. You simply can’t live without it if you routinely use public Wi-Fi.

One of the few VPNs with complete hardware ownership is IPVanish, which has 2000+ servers spread across 50+ nations. Connect to any of the 110+ servers situated in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Maidenhead to instantly access Channel 4 or any other UK service. The best part is that the WireGuard protocol ensures that video performance will never go below outstanding.

You’ll be pleased to learn that IPVanish has dedicated apps for Android TV, ChromeOS, and even Amazon Fire TV Stick if you prefer streaming devices. Another alternative is to manually set up the VPN on a router. In either case, you’re sure to like a lot more unblocked services than the article’s main attraction.

Apply our IPVanish promo code at checkout to get a subscription for the low cost of $3.99/month. Even if there isn’t a trial version you can use to try out before buying, the 30-day money-back guarantee gives you plenty of time to decide if it’s the appropriate product for you.


  • No restriction on the number of devices.
  • The extensive list of UK servers.
  • No-logs rule that has been independently audited.


  • No means of payment that is private.
  1. Atlas VPN – Channel 4’s most affordable VPN

Finally, but certainly not least, there is Atlas VPN, a trustworthy Channel 4 VPN that won’t break the bank. In addition to being one of the most affordable VPN services available, it is practical for getting over those annoying regional limitations. For the greatest experience, simply install the client where you’ll use it the most and connect to streaming-optimized servers.

The extensive network of 750+ servers scattered over 37+ countries is replete with UK IP addresses. Your requirements for outstanding streaming performance are also met. With the help of the WireGuard tunneling mechanism, Channel 4 and all other video programs are as clear as ever.

Now, we’re certain that holding onto just one platform is insufficient. What good fortune that Atlas VPN works flawlessly to unblock Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video foreign libraries as well as BBC iPlayer. You may also redirect VPN traffic through particular apps using split tunneling (available only on Android).

By using an Atlas VPN promo code, you can get a great service with unlimited connections for just $1.83 per month. The 30-day money-back guarantee is always available if the shoe doesn’t fit. Yes, there is a totally free version as well, however since it cannot unblock streaming, it is irrelevant in this situation. So, signing up is better for you.


  • Speeds powered by WireGuard.
  • No restriction on the number of devices.
  • A great way to get around geo-blocks.


  • Not configured on the router.
How to use a device to view Channel 4 in the US

As long as you’re connected to a VPN, it’s totally possible to stream Channel 4 outside of the US. Of course, the procedure differs based on the device you’re using, therefore we suggest joining the services best suited to yours:

  • Windows VPN services.
  • Mac VPN services.
  • Android VPNs.
  • iPhone VPNs

Using a Windows to watch Channel 4

  • Get a VPN for Channel 4.
  • Set up the client on your machine.
  • Contact a server in the UK.
  • Launch Channel 4 and register or log in.
  • Choose a film, then begin to watch it!

Using a Mac to watch Channel 4

  • Join a VPN service with lots of UK servers.
  • Install the software on your computer.
  • Select a UK-based server.
  • Visit Channel 4 and register for the service there.
  • Stream endlessly, please!

Using an Android to watch Channel 4

  • Purchase a dependable VPN for the UK. With NordVPN, you can never go wrong.
  • Complete the phone’s app setup.
  • A British server should be accessed.
  • Log in to the Channel 4 application by going there.
  • Watch the most recent episodes!

Using an iOS to watch Channel 4

  • Purchase a reliable VPN subscription. NordVPN is a top iOS VPN.
  • On your iPhone, install the client.
  • Select a British-based server.
  • Locate the Channel 4 app and register.
  • Obtain complete access to all 4!
Do we advise Channel 4 users to use a free VPN?

We recognize that it can be quite tempting to only use services that are free but resist giving in to this temptation. Free VPNs are typically unreliable for getting over limits, not to mention the myriad security concerns you’d be willingly taking on. The following list of drawbacks is not exhaustive:

  • Selling your private information- In this case, the only winners are the provider and other parties. The free service continues to exist for another month by gathering data about you, which is then used entirely for targeted advertisements by the highest bidder (in most cases).
  • Installing risky clients – Free VPNs brazenly provide their users with software that is contaminated with malware, adware, and other harmful programs, jeopardizing the device’s overall security and integrity.
  • Accepting infuriating speeds – Servers that are overloaded and have strict data limits are only capable of so much. Wait till you have to endure several minutes of a simple website loading if you’re already frustrated with the present loading speeds.
  • Insufficient video quality- Don’t expect much in terms of quality if, by chance, the free Channel 4 VPN can unblock this streaming service. You’ll be followed everywhere by 144p.

Now, there are alternative ways to get access to All 4 if you really can’t afford to spend any money. One option is to repeatedly use the free trial versions of reliable VPNs. They only function for a brief period, but it’s more than enough to binge-watch everything you require before moving on to a different one. Starting with the free trial edition of NordVPN is what we advise.


  1. Can We Access Channel 4 From Outside The UK On An iPhone or iPad?

It is definitely feasible. With the aid of a VPN, people can view it here just like they can on any other device.

One of the best VPNs for their device must be downloaded by users. Once you’ve met their requirements, connect with a user in the UK before downloading it or looking for it online.

If they don’t already have one, they must establish one in order to watch all the series and movies available on the app without any issues.

  1. Is It Possible To Access Channel 4 In The USA Without Paying For VPNs?

Yes, there are free VPNs and free proxy servers you may use to watch Channel 4 in the United States.

These are techniques that consumers can employ, but they might not have a positive experience.

Free VPN and proxy servers are both unreliable and will not provide a good speed.

Additionally, they are not as secure as consumers would like. People are encouraged to select one of the best VPNs.

  1. What Channels Are Offered on Channel 4?

Given that there are other channels available for streaming in the UK, Channel 4 is the only VOD service available to residents of that country. The following is a list of some of the top channels available on 4OD:

  • E4
  • 4Music
  • 4News
  • Walter Presents
  • Film4
  • More4

These are all the channels that are accessible on Channel 4’s VOD platform and are also a part of its network. Again, before attempting to access these channels, users must confirm that they are connected to a UK server.

  1. Is it Possible to Access Channel 4 Live for Free?

Yes, all of the Channel 4 channels can be viewed without charge, but viewers must first register an account. Better if they do it after their VPN connection has established a connection to a UK server.

This will guarantee that the VOD platform recognizes them as a user from their location and grants them full access to all services.

Bottom Line,

People in the USA have been curious about Channel 4’s exclusivity for UK citizens. So, How to watch channel 4 in the US? Many people have looked for this on the internet, and I have now given them a map of the area where they may easily access VOD episodes and films.

VPNs are quite useful because they offer the greatest streaming support and many other advantages to consumers.

They safely save anything users do online. People are merely trying to discover a way into your machine, but a VPN will make you invisible online. I don’t believe someone can harm an unseen person.

Make sure you sign up for a membership with one of the finest VPNs to ensure you receive the best services and security.

I hope this post provided the information you were looking for. Cheers!!

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