Why Are My YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views

Why Are My YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views In 2023

“Why are my YouTube Shorts not getting views?”

You should change your strategy if your YouTube shorts aren’t receiving any views. In this article, we’ll examine a few causes for this and offer advice on increasing video views.

Shorter than a typical YouTube video, YouTube shorts are a fantastic way to showcase your creativity. You can utilize the distribution that YouTube provides for this tool to expand your brand or channel. Additionally, YouTube shorts can now be used to generate income.

While this is still possible with regular films, it tends to happen more frequently and in a shorter time with shorts than with your standard longer videos. Shorts can take off and garner hundreds of thousands of views overnight.

Here’s what you need to do correctly and how to correct it if your YouTube Shorts aren’t receiving any views.

What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are brief, vertically-shot, vertically-edited videos that can last up to 60 seconds.

In addition to having some distinctive editing features, YouTube Shorts distinguish themselves from other kinds of YouTube videos.

For instance, you can add music from YouTube’s song catalog to YouTube Shorts.

Additionally, you can edit your videos with timers, speed adjustments, and filters using the YouTube Shorts Camera.

Why Are My YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views In 2023

Why are my YouTube shorts not getting views- 10 Reasons and Solutions

If you’re wondering, “Why do my YouTube videos have no views?” We’ve got your back. The following ten factors could cause this:

  • The thumbnail for your YouTube video could be more attractive.

Why are my YouTube Shorts not getting views? The first thing your viewers will see in search results is a thumbnail for a video. It enables YouTube users to preview a video briefly while browsing. For these reasons, it contributes to your ability to increase your YouTube views.

Titles and thumbnails are like billboards since they influence whether or not YouTube users will watch your videos. Unquestionably, a well-crafted thumbnail and video title will increase the number of channel subscribers. More people will consequently watch your videos. This will also attract a lot of YouTube ads to your material.

Most YouTube videos with 0 views lack an attention-grabbing image or thumbnail. Consequently, viewers may choose to skip them.

How to Fix It

To increase the number of views on your YouTube videos, make contrasting, interesting thumbnails. Selecting a video screenshot as your thumbnail image is not recommended. Instead, ensure the photographs you pick for your thumbnails are high caliber and in resolution.

  • You Lack Consistency

Your fans, subscribers, and viewers will be pleased with your upcoming YouTube video if you are consistent. Your audience will always know what to expect if you are consistent.

If you maintain consistency, your audience size will stay consistent. Your channel’s viewers will only know when you’ll upload your next video.

What else? Infrequent video uploads could hurt your YouTube ranking. The YouTube algorithm favors channels with regular and frequent video uploads.

How to Fix It

Establish a schedule for your video publishing and stick to it. Be certain to stick to the relevant topic and be specific about the types of YouTube videos you’ll be producing and publishing. In turn, you will raise the likelihood that YouTube’s algorithm will rapidly select your channel.

  • Videos of poor quality

Why are my YouTube Shorts not getting views? The answer is YouTube videos that receive the most views are of a high caliber. Poor audio and video quality in videos turn viewers off. Because of this, you must consider it before posting YouTube videos.

How to Fix It

Why are my YouTube Shorts not getting views? Create YouTube videos of the highest quality. The low-resolution video quality is improved with this software. Your video can look more professional by having the shakiness removed using this program. White balance, 3D LUT, brightness, contrast, and tone can all be changed.

You can raise the audio quality by modifying the pitch, fade-out, fade-in, and output loudness. 

  • Your Content Doesn’t Meet the Needs of Your Audience

A significant portion of YouTube videos with 0 views indicates that the audience needs to be right for the subject. Why are my YouTube Shorts not getting views? A YouTube channel can only expand if its target audience is watching its content. Because of this, for your YouTube channel to expand organically, the people interested in your video’s topic must be watching it.

You won’t ever gain any views on YouTube if your videos are not for your target audience since you won’t attract subscribers. Because they think they won’t benefit them, your subscribers will quit watching your videos.

How to Fix It

To determine what topics your audience is interested in, you must select your specialty and evaluate your viewership; YouTube Analytics can assist you in determining which topics are trending. Additionally, you can learn more about fascinating subjects, allowing you to produce material that is pertinent to your intended audience.

  • Ignoring Your Audience

Building trust with your audience will help. They can quit viewing your films if you don’t reply to their comments. And you risk having no viewers for your upcoming videos.

How to Fix It

Participate in your community, your channel, and other social media platforms. Respond to comments on the post to ensure that the videos you submit later receive views.

  • You Need To Optimize Your Videos

You must accomplish something to post your films and hope for millions of views. It probably needs to be optimized if you look at a random YouTube video with no views. Your videos can go further with the aid of YouTube optimization.

How to Fix It

You must optimize your videos using the following elements if you want them to receive views:

  • Channel Design.
  • SEO.
  • Search Volume.
  • Keywords.
  • Target Niche and Viewers.
  • Custom Thumbnails.

The most prosperous YouTubers consistently use the aforementioned YouTube SEO techniques. Add relevant titles and keywords to your videos. You may increase your YouTube views by utilizing internet tools to improve your videos and channel using the newest strategies. The ideal keywords to employ in your videos can be found using YouTube optimization tools.

  • Incorrect Tags Were Used.

Follow best practices for YouTube SEO optimization, and never leave the tag section empty. Why are my YouTube Shorts not getting views? Make sure you use the appropriate tags when using them. Like Google, YouTube allows users to search for specific videos by entering a keyword and then displays a list of those videos that most closely match the phrase. 

Your videos will be ranked higher the more relevant YouTube believes them to be. The most popular YouTube videos receive the most views, and videos with no views frequently appear at the bottom of the search results pages.

How to Fix It

When establishing video tags, begin by inserting the particular keyword tags. YouTube’s search engine gives the first tag priority. To create tags, you can use any YouTube optimization tool. You can insert various video tags, such as compound and generic tags.

  • Your YouTube Videos Don’t Offer Your Audience Any Benefit

Being a content creator requires value, which is crucial to understanding what you contribute to the viewer-to-YouTube connection. Viewers will visit your channel if you upload videos with a goal, such as for knowledge or enjoyment. Take a step back before posting a video and consider whether or not viewers will find it engaging.

How to Fix It

Make sure to produce valuable material for your readers. Before you begin creating a video, have a clear objective in mind. There are always those who want to learn from you because they lack your expertise.

Consider the search terms your audience uses to find content on YouTube, and give them what they want. Don’t forget to hunt for similar, trending, and searchable topics in your niche. All of your visitors’ queries should be addressed in your films. They ought to be thrilling experiences as well.

  • You Don’t Post Your Videos to Your Social Media Accounts

Social media sites are an effective strategy YouTubers can use to increase channel viewership. Why are my YouTube Shorts not getting views? Your video will consequently gain views. Your friends and followers won’t be aware of your videos if you don’t share them on social media, and you risk getting no views. YouTube.

How to Fix It

Social networking sites like SubReddits, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, and others let you gain YouTube views. Make careful you abide by these platforms’ terms and conditions. On these networks, you can promote your videos to increase views. However, you should refrain from spamming a community for the forum you belong to with your YouTube videos.

  • You Lack Patience

Most YouTubers fail because they lack the patience to manage their channel. They upload a video and hope for an immediate increase in views. You need perseverance and determination if you’re serious about creating videos for YouTube. Videos will receive views if you upload them regularly.

How to Fix It

Give your videos time to see whether anyone watches them after posting them. You’ll soon witness the magic if you give your films some time to integrate with the YouTube algorithm and search engine.


  1. Can animated shorts be produced for a YouTube channel?

Animation shorts can be made for a YouTube channel. Your animation can be made with various software packages, like Adobe After Effects, Blender, or Maya.

  1. What are the top resources for producing great YouTube Shorts?

You can use many excellent tools to make fantastic YouTube Shorts. Some of our favorites are Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and iMovie.

  1. How long should a YouTube short be?

The optimal duration for a YouTube Short will vary according to your content; thus, there is no one-cut answer to this subject. Why are my YouTube Shorts not getting views? We advise keeping your YouTube Shorts between 30 and 60 seconds for the best engagement.

  1. How can we entice viewers to go from YouTube Shorts to other types of content?

After your YouTube Short, include a call to action that links viewers to your YouTube channel or another video. In the description of your YouTube Short, you may also put a link to your YouTube channel.

  1. What suggestions do you have for YouTube shorts?

There are many fantastic concepts for YouTube Shorts. Sharing a personal experience, holding a Q&A session, or providing behind-the-scenes access to your company are a few strategies to spice up your webinar.

  1. How can I monetize YouTube Shorts? 

Including affiliate links in your YouTube Shorts is one method to do this. Another method is advertising your YouTube channel or any goods or services you provide using YouTube Shorts. Incorporate advertisements into your YouTube Shorts.

In Conclusion,

Why are my youtube shorts not getting views- Are you about this question? The answer is- you have almost 60 seconds to make your message in a YouTube Short. However, you should probably do so if you can explain your story in less time. Because short videos are seen more quickly than larger ones, you must make every second count and shave off unnecessary scenes.

Therefore, try to avoid adding anything extra once you’ve crammed the entire tale into your shorts. There will be less opportunity for people to become bored and swipe away.

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